What is TaNPUD

TaNPUD is a Tanzania Network for People who Use Drugs. TaNPUD was found on 2011.

With only few people who were drug users with an aim of advocating for their rights. TaNPUD has since grow up into being a National Network for people who use here in Tanzania.

TaNPUD has been involved in many different events and conferences raising the voice of drug users
all across the country and the globe.

TaNPUD’s work is to advocate for the rights to health and legal affairs of people who use drugs

TaNPUD has risen the voice of drug users in Strategy planning and guidelines. TaNPUD is here to see
that drug users get the right to be treated well and know their rights. TaNPUD has been able to
influence Harm reduction activities in the country and also support different development partners
and local partners to make a voice for the communities.

Our Mission

To empower people who use drugs to participate in community development and be involved in planning and decision making that affects PUD so as to equal rights and access to health care services

Our Vision

A nation where people who use drugs are respected, care and free from stigma and discrimination.


TaNPUD has participated in IHRC 5 times since 2013. The places of Conferences were

At PCB Meeting in Geneva on 2014-were in all these big events TaNPUD had a presentation to make.

In Tanzania TaNPUD has been part and parcel of the concept note writing on 2014. And now TaNPUD has a representative within the TNCM cabinet 2016.

TaNPUD has been called in many different Strategy and guidelines building meetings.

TaNPUD has been involved on educating Polices in Moshi and Doctors, Nurses an prison guards in different parts here in the country.

TaNPUD also had amend the Drug bill on 2015 and we are still waiting for the results.

TaNPUD is educating the community on issues concerning people who use and inject drugs
and those surrounding them so they can understand better about drug related issues.

TaNPUD worked hand in hand with UNESCO on educating in 12 secondary schools within Temeke district.

TaNPUD has and is participating on the DCC Task force team for the preparations of UNGASS

TaNPUD has participate in many World Events here in the country and raising our voice on
occasions such as: World AIDS Day, Hepatitis day, World Drug day, TB day, Women’s day, Harm reduction
events such as Support Don’t punish.

TaNPUD has received Funds from UNESCO- the grant was for educating pupils and teachers
in 12 secondary schools in Temeke region.

TaNPUD also has received Grant from AmFar,osiea , HIV women international, Arasa and We
are working with the regional grant that the PR is kANCO and SR is TACOSODE and we stand
as implementing partners.

Now we also have received grant from OSIEA and it is for Strengthening TaNPUD and its

TaNPUD has reached more than 3500 drug users across Tanzania. And now TaNPUD has 200
hundred members in total.

TaNPUD is also building capacity for people who use and inject drugs.

TaNPUD has been registered on 2014 February. We TaNPUD has many National and International
friends that we share different information with and who works on fields of Advocacy just like us and
many others too who work with other KP groups.

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